2008年1月11日 星期五

教育人行道 6號 On Educating, No.6

教育人行道 6號 On Educating, No.6

2008/1/11 (創刊: 2008/01/05) 主編:鍾漢清


Quote from W. Edwards Deming:
Without theory, there are no questions.


醫療, 健康與品質報23 Health Renaissance No. 23

2008/01/12 (創刊: 2007/12/25) 主編:鍾漢清

現在與「醫療, 健康與品質報」相關的資訊報導之品質不佳,又幾乎可以說是氾濫成災。所以我們必須努力從類似alert --”Google 新聞快訊關於: 衛生署”理出一番頭緒。

譬如說我將電腦的順序改變,先談 專科護理師考題被嫌太冷門

另外一則”古文冷僻艱澀 試委嘛看攏嘸 中國時報 2008.01.09” 其實是不相干--電腦判斷錯誤。

這則新聞我先在台灣蘋果日報看到,不過內容沒有自由時報 - Taipei,Taiwan的公允
〔記者胡清暉、羅碧/台北報導〕衛生署於去年十二月底舉辦「內外科專科 護理師甄審考試」,許多應考的護理人員考完後罵聲不斷 ,認為考題冷門,「看了也是白看」,集體反彈,並上網 到衛生署署長信箱、出題的台灣專科護理師 學會網站討論區留言,痛批衛生署、學會大老 ... 專科護理師考題被嫌太冷門


Google 新聞快訊關於: 評鑑

大學評鑑挨批申訴像丟淡水河? 教部:將推後設評鑑
東森新聞報 - Taiwan
大學系所評鑑上路後不斷挨批,今(11)日在大學校 長會議上,再度遭到多位校長砲轟。真理大學抱怨,對於 評鑑結果提出申訴,結果就跟「被丟到淡 水河」差不多;長榮大學也建議,新設系所應規定4年內 不得評鑑。教育部表示,未來也可推動「後設 評鑑」模式,讓評鑑制度更健全。 ...

聯合新聞網 - Taiwan
輔仁大學教務長劉兆明昨天在全國大學校長會議中,痛批 教育部在大學評鑑未盡完善之前,就對評鑑結果待觀察、未通過的學校,給予減 招、停招的「懲罰性措施」,希望教育部儘速檢討。 台東大學校長蔡典謨指出,目前教育部對大學評鑑都採用同樣的標準,但實際上不脫以 「上級」 ...

自由時報 - Taipei,Taiwan
二、國家考試列考國文,旨在評鑑應考人對國文的理解及運用能力,如 果得由其他方法評鑑國文能力,國文即無加考的必要。三 、現行國文科目考卷包括測驗、公文程式、作文三項,綜 觀命題內容,或無效度、或無鑑別度、或難求客觀標準。 四、目前專技考試,除少數類科外,已廢考 ...

私大提案調漲學費10%... 教部:評鑑績優可放寬漲幅
東森新聞報 - Taiwan
教育部表示,根據私校法,將放寬評鑑績優的私立學校,在學費上有較大的 調漲彈性空間,並由審議小組訂出調漲上限。 96學年度共有38所大專校院向教育部提出學雜費調整申請 ,但在教育部嚴格把關下,僅有包括東吳、世新、淡江等 8校符合資格,調漲學雜費3%,額度則在578元 ...

白高興一場! 廢考國文遭駁回未來將
臺灣蘋果日報 - Taiwan
二、國家考試所列考國文,旨在評鑑應考人對國文的理解及運用能力,即 文章是否切題通順,若有其他方式評鑑,國文實無加考之必要。 三、現行國文科目考卷為測驗、公文程式、作文3項,但 命題內容之鑑別度對應考生國文之運用難求客觀標準。 四、是國家考試加考國文曲高和寡, ...



Teen Talk Dictionary 英国红茶咖啡

[+ to infinitive] Teaching is all about motivating people to learn.

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Book translates teen talk

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A schoolgirl has devised a guide for parents which translates slang used by teenagers.

8 Jan 2008

名著小說 The Magus 中幾則與教育相關之摘要:

"I was going to tell you more of him. But no matter now. Let us jump to the climax, to the moment when the gods lost patience with his hubris.

"Whenever I see a photograph of a teeming horde of Chinese peasants, or of some military procession, whenever I see a cheap newspaper crammed with advertisements for mass-produced rubbish. Or the rubbish itself that large stores sell. Whenever I see the horrors of the pax Americana, of civilizations condemned to century after century of mediocrity because of overpopulation and undereducation, I see also de Deukans.

Pax Americana [Britannica] アメリカ[大英帝国]の(支配による)平和.

We sized each other up. He had a relaxed way about him that seemed inculcated by education, by reading some book on How To Be At Ease With Strangers, rather than by any intuitive gift.

Knowing, willing, being wise, being good, education, information, classification, knowledge of all kinds, sensibility, sexuality, these things seemed superficial. I had no desire to state or define or analyze this interaction, I simply wished to constitute it — not even "wished to" — I constituted it. I was volitionless. There was no meaning. Only being.

If anything our attitude should be one of pity towards a personality that has to cover its deficiencies under so many conscious and unconscious lies. We must always remember that the subject has been launched into the world with no training in self-analysis and self-orientation; and that almost all the education he has received is positively harmful to him. He was, so to speak, born short-sighted by nature and has been further blinded by his environments. It is small wonder that he cannot find his way.'"